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Critiques against Narrative Criticism: A quick summary

Months ago I listed the advantages of narrative criticism in biblical studies, especially in the Gospels. Here are a few arguments against NC for your reading enjoyment. NB: all critical methods have their advantages and disadvantages and I am not

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Brief Primer on Narrative Criticism – Some Objections

For the naysayers of Narrative Criticism (NC) here are your objections to the usefulness of NC as a hermeneutical method. Let it be known that every critical method has their set of objections and shortcomings. I do not claim that

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A musing on my Master’s thesis

Yesterday I received my master’s thesis in the courier. I defended my thesis on March 25, 09 and passed with an amazing mark (to my surprise, but excitement). After a final edit I submitted my thesis to my program chair

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Brief primer on Narrative Criticism part 1

You may have heard of Narrative criticism and be wondering ‘what is it and how does it apply to a biblical text, especially a NT text?I applied a narrative critical approach to Mark’s Gospel in my master’s thesis to understand

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