Thesis Research

Well, the proposal was accepted in January – and now on to the task of writing a dissertation… so far my initial research is underway.

I am enjoying entering into the world of the NT and Mark’s Gospel and scholarship in these two areas.

A key for effective research and writing is to have a healthy long view of the task at hand and maintaining the daily discipline needed to stay on track. On one hand it is easy to be overwhelmed by the size of the project and on the other to be let days slip past due to the tyranny of the urgent. It is an interesting tension.


A musing on my Master’s thesis

Yesterday I received my master’s thesis in the courier. I defended my thesis on March 25, 09 and passed with an amazing mark (to my surprise, but excitement). After a final edit I submitted my thesis to my program chair (Dr. Bruce Guenther – a history professor at ACTS) and then he forwarded it off to a format checker to ensure my thesis is following the precise formatting for binding and placement in the library. I laboured for 10 months on my thesis and still it comes back riddled with the infamous red pen. I always find it amazing what another reader finds in a paper, thesis or probably a dissertation even after you have spent many hours meticulously searching every page for grammar, editing and spelling errors. Now I’m back at it and hopefully I can get this beast of my shelf and start thinking about a proposal for a PhD in NT Studies (but first I need to find a job so I can pay for a PhD program…)