Your Word Processor bogging you down? Six reasons to Try Scrivener

Staring at a blank screen as you start your next research paper, blog post or lesson plan? Maybe the traditional typewriter turned into a word processor method isn’t the best approach. Need to move a paragraph or two around in Word to another section? Not always straightforward. Settings get changed. Fonts can change and other oddities happen when you don’t need them. Consider checking out the writing program made for writers called Scrivener.

Think Different

As Apple computers said in their advertising campaign from 1997 – Think Different. I am in Higher education, working on a doctorate and I require a different approach to writing. So shouldn’t it stand to reason to think different about my approach?

Scrivener is a program developed for writers and academics who think different, who don’t fit in a nice safe box. Once you get the hang of it, Scrivener is an amazing program for your writing needs.

Six Reasons to Try Scrivener:

  1. You get a 30-day (of time used) free trial with full functionality. Go to the Scrivener website HERE  and try it.
  2. It has the ability for you to move sections of your writing around with ease.
  3. If you like using note cards – Scrivener has that function.
  4. Want to create an eBook – you can do it. Export to Word or a plain text document – no problem.
  5. The program rarely crashes (if at all) and you don’t get the notorious rainbow wheel as you scroll through your document.
  6. It is reasonably priced with an academic discount.

Scrivener isn’t the only writing platform out there. Check out Ulyssess (for Mac) and Mellel (for Mac) or others. I don’t work for Scrivener – I just found it to be an excellent program for writing.

Instructional Links

You can watch online tutorials here, here, and here to get you started with Scrivener. If you would like another testimony about the usefulness of Scrivener go here.

Writing doesn’t have to be painful. Writing can be energizing and fulfilling. If you do make the switch, you might notice a change in how you write, maybe a change for the better. The point is to get writing and not let a program be a distraction in the process.