More than cosmic consciousness?


I was flipping through channels on the hotel TV and I paused on an interesting show on the knowledge network. In a few minutes I was preached at about the wonder and beauty of scientific humanism in its finest.

The narrator, a young man in his twenties with a British accent described the cosmos and its power and majesty. I was drawn in to the program for a moment – there were amazing photos and cinematography of the universe and the earth. I couldn’t help but be awed.

However, the crux of the show left me with unanswered questions. He said humans are here for but a mere moment in the history of the universe. Our purpose is to explore and experience the awe of the universe and understand its beginning and ultimate end. We are but a blip in a movement from order to disorder until the last black hole is swallowed up and the universe ceases to exist. What about purpose? Why am I here? What’s the point? Where do we get notions of morality or ethics? The narrator doesn’t answer all these questions. According to the narrator we are the consciousness of the cosmos who are here to understand the universe. That’s it. For me that reason is found wanting and is truly inadequate to provide meaning and worth for my life. I am not going into an discourse on the existence of God, Jesus, etc. but faith in God and the good news found in the bible offers more robust and life affirming reasons for my existence. Needless to say, the philosophy of scientific humanism under girded the entire TV program. Very slick and well-produced, but it left me empty if that was the only purpose of life – to be cosmic consciousness with no hope and oblivion my ultimate goal.

Interesting TV for a Tuesday night.



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