A musing on my Master’s thesis

Yesterday I received my master’s thesis in the courier. I defended my thesis on March 25, 09 and passed with an amazing mark (to my surprise, but excitement). After a final edit I submitted my thesis to my program chair (Dr. Bruce Guenther – a history professor at ACTS) and then he forwarded it off to a format checker to ensure my thesis is following the precise formatting for binding and placement in the library. I laboured for 10 months on my thesis and still it comes back riddled with the infamous red pen. I always find it amazing what another reader finds in a paper, thesis or probably a dissertation even after you have spent many hours meticulously searching every page for grammar, editing and spelling errors. Now I’m back at it and hopefully I can get this beast of my shelf and start thinking about a proposal for a PhD in NT Studies (but first I need to find a job so I can pay for a PhD program…)

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